basass skoolie

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Founder of Badass Skoolie

nice skoolie

Badass internet Skoolie's

other skoolie's

Badass internet Skoolie's

badass skoolie

My 1996 Bluebird 3800 Skoolie

1996 Blue Bird GMC 28 foot Mrdford, or Sept 1st, 2023

Founder of Badass Skoolie

badass skoolie

Badass Skoolie First day

Steve steven's

Skoolie In Medford, Oregon

Ambulance skoolie

1996 Skoolie Ambulance


1996 bluebird 3800

My 1996 Bluebird 3800 Skoolie


Metal table / Reused original seats


Badass Skoolie kitchen

beverage Bar

Badass Skoolie Bar

Master bedroom

Badass Skoolie Master Bedroom

230 gallon Fresh Water Tank

Badass Skoolie moonshine water storage

Laundry Room

Badass Skoolie Washer / Dryer


Badass Skoolie Tub

looking forward

Badass Skoolie Fireplace looking forward


Badass Skoolie Fireplace / Closet


Badass Skoolie Oh Shit Go Pack in closet

fridge / freezer

Badass Skoolie Freezer

MPD's finest

Badass Mechanic 2007 Tahoe


Took my dog to VET

Portland or band

Badass Mechanic Favorite Portland Band

Just another day!

Badass Mechanic at the HUB CITY Car show in Chehalis, WA

Centralia, WA

Badass 2007 Tahoe

JuJU and I

A really beautiful friend.

BADASS mechanic owner moments

1996 bluebird 3800

Badass Skoolie Conversion

oregon coast

Oregon Coast Line

Fishing the pnw

Oregon Coast - Newport

Weatherford, texas

Badass Mechanic Weatherford, TX

Columbia River

Wild Horse Scenic View, WA 2022

Salem, or friends print shop

Salem / Springfield, Oregon 2022

fishing Chehalis wa

Cowlitz River Fishing, Toledo, WA 2022

Vortec cooked chicken breast smothered in daisy petals.

Cooked Chicken Breast on 5.3 Engine

looking for crayfish

Cowlitz River, Toledo, WA 2022

westport wa 2022

Ocean Shores, WA July 4th, 2022

Newport, or

Oregon Coast Sailing 2022

tri cities wa

Columbia River Kenewick, WA

Owners tahoe

Me and the Tahoe


Columbia State Park, Tri Cities, WA

Newport, OregoN

Newport, Oregon

Just another day!

Visiting Grave Site.

Centralia, WA

Centralia, WA

sailing in the puget sound. olympia wa

Badass Sailing


We have been working on the badass skoolie for several months now and will keep you up to date with current pictures.

The secret to never having another bad day is, dont make time for it!

Do we donate? Yes, we donate to selected children around the world in poverty stricken areas by providing children musical instruments and lessons. this gift is to ensure that our gifts keep on giving forever.

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